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Rubin & Bernstein PLLC - An Update

I’m embarrassed! Rubin & Bernstein PLLC celebrates – can we celebrate anything, other than a youngster’s birthday, in these times? – our second anniversary on May 1, six weeks from now. Still, we don’t have a working website for the firm we treasure. So, here at my Leftie site aka the place where I provide The Word, I’m providing an update.

In theory, I sent myself home more than a week ago. I heard what seemed like a directive to be home if you’re 60+. I was an early adapter, but Life Happens and today, Wednesday, March 18, was really my first day away from the office. (A foolish grocery store visit and car trouble turned the day into a waste, although I limited social contacts.)

R&B rocks on. Our devoted staff shows up and gets stuff done. I’m home for the next week-plus and making that be a longer period by reaching agreements and getting permission to appear for unavoidable matters by phone.

Leigh works from home mostly, too. She, and me when it really matters, can be available at our office at 382 S. Convent Ave. Why the difference? Age, plain and simple. I’m on the backside of the 62 to 63 slide and Leigh isn’t. The powers that be tell us 60 matters. Obviously, it’s not only about chronological age but I’m sensitive about the fact that, as a Boomer, I owe everyone a duty to not act like a 30-year-old. (Polite I am when I say, Boomers as a generation – exceptions abound – believe they will never get older!)

Workplaces aside, we’re working. We’re anxious, but we’re sure you are too. Much of what we set aside for later – cleaning out the garage, getting that vegetable garden planted, and estate planning / updating an estate plan – appears in our frontal lobes in stressful times. We won’t empty your garages (but if you want to help me with mine, I’m there.) Vegetable gardens? A decent idea and on my radar screen, after a visit to my local Albertsons. (Hush, hush: try LeeLee at Orange Grove and La Cholla, if you want decent produce.)

Estate planning? We’re available. We’ll deal with your situation and get you taken care of, whether you need a quick review or you have procrastinated and, now, fret. Maybe we’ll need to meet by phone, Skype, or some other app which lets us maintain social distancing and, still, get facial cues. Signings, of course, will be live and in person, and if we need to show up in person we will, with witnesses and a Notary Public.

We’re available, too, for other matters. Guardianships and conservatorships. Decedent’s estates. Whatever else, if it involves family matters (other than marital dissolutions and related matters), or real estate or business matters.

We live in tough times, for sure. If anyone wants to know what a 2×4 upside the head feels like, wake up in the morning. Know, though, that we’re here to help. We’re not free (mostly), but we’re service providers. Leigh, Matt, Katie, Kathleen, Carla, Connor, and I wake up every morning committed to helping our clients live better, easier lives. Call us at 520-623-3038 during business hours, email us at,,, or call me at 520-481-1170.

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