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Bye-bye Matthew Scarber

Matthew Scarber has left Rubin & Bernstein PLLC. People come and go in workplaces, but Matt’s departure deserves a few words.

Rubin & Bernstein exists because of Matt. The story was present on our website for years, but it’s worth sharing here:

Mark: Leigh stepped up, when an old friend who taught at the KU law school asked her to look out for a student from Tucson. She did, for there’s no one who needs a little help who Leigh won’t step up for.

Leigh: Mark took on a case in the fall of 2017 and needed help. Lawyers – those with firms and malpractice insurance, etc. – said no thanks, for time was short. “How about Matt (the KU student),” I thought. (Actually, my brother made the suggestion … and I agreed with it.) Mark said yes, and away they went.

Mark: The trial got continued in late 2017. I needed Matt, but not for six months. What to do?

Leigh: What if we each hire Matt part time?

Mark: I don’t like that. Liability issues, for us and for Matt. Maybe we need to start a law firm.

Matt has been a part of the R&B DNA for years. We’ve touted him at every turn, and for reasons I mention below; now, however, I can share the doubts we had at the outset. Soon after we opened our doors, the phone rang. A landline. Matt looked at it, as if it might explode. He did pick up the receiver but … well, let’s say he’s got excellent phone skills … now.

Then there was a Costco run for snacks. I looked at the list and saw Capri Sun pouches. Uh, I bought those last when my daughter lived at home, at least a decade ago. Duh! Matt is but a few months older than my daughter. (We haven’t had any pouches in the office for at least a year or two.)

Matt has turned into a fine lawyer. His judgment concerning cases, clients, other lawyers, etc.? Spot on. Temperament? Excellent. Knowing what he does and doesn’t know? Exceptional. I mention these attributes because, in the main, we can’t teach them easily.

Seeing Matthew spread his wings leaves us bittersweet. He will practice on his own, and we believe his departure reflects the life balance issues he must address. We take pleasure in the fact that we have played a role in what we expect will be continuing success. Nevertheless, we will miss Matt very much.

I need to be clear about a few things as I wrap up this piece. Leigh ( and I ( – and both of us at 520-623-3038 – still work every day (and I was up very early, squeezing in this piece between catching up on client matters.) That will continue for the foreseeable future. We’re taking new cases every day, too!

We expect that Matt will continue to represent those clients whose matters he has handled. (If Matt has been providing legal services to you, you should have received a document that provides us with instructions about who will represent you going forward.)

Finally, Leigh and I have already referred some upcoming matters to Matt. He’s reachable at 520-530-6615, and if we’re sending work to him, we see no reason why others should not think about sending work his way.

Be well and watch for an updated website at The current crew of Cardigan Corgis can’t contain themselves. (Truth be told, the fact that they can’t contain themselves likely has nothing to do with our website, but I am averse to avoiding alliteration.)

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